Joanna Gaines Skin Care Line?

Joanna Gaines doesn’t have a skin-care line. She has acquired one never, she isn’t thinking about starting one, and she’d as if you to learn that she most definitely isn’t departing Fixer Upper to begin or control her skin care range. As People’s reports, the months-old rumor that Joanna is somehow mounted on a line of skin care products has surfaced just as before, and she’s fed up with it quite.

Back in April, she has taken care of immediately those rumors in a good way, slicing a little slack to the people who fell on their behalf even. “Don’t believe everything you read. I am not engaging in the business of cosmetic lotions. Now, three months later, it seems her patience is arriving to a final end. On Sunday, she took to her Instagram account to handle the rumors once more. And she didn’t mince words.

So how and just why does Joanna keep getting attached to this ridiculous rumor? Well, the answer is a sticktail that take two parts-old scams, one part cultural media, and one part false news. April 2017 Back in late an attention-grabbing headline began popping up on Facebook and other cultural media sites: “HGTV Nightmare: Joanna Gaines Leaves Show To Start Cosmetics Line.” Clever image manipulation managed to get look like this article was from Cosmopolitan.

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That’s the fake news part; one of the tricks purveyors of artificial information use is manipulating the fonts and masthead of reputable news sources and using similar-looking URLs, to trick the reader into considering they’re reading a legitimate story. However, regarding KMOV (St. Louis), the whole thing is an old rip-off.

That’s the first part of the age-old scam: attaching a high-profile endorsement to your product when the superstar had nothing in connection with it. Lisa Zillich dropped for the fraud. 4 for the products, only to discover a few weeks that the unscrupulous seller had charged her several hundred dollars later.

And that’s the second area of the rip-off; tricking suckers into entering a cycle of recurring charges through not reading the fine print – she didn’t “cancel after 2 weeks,” and the seller frequently billed her credit card. Zillich was taken for a couple of hundred before her credit card company could step in and make things right. Joanna is up to here with scammers using her name to sucker people, as well as make her supporters think she’s leaving their favorite show.