Tony Mike Jolie is a 30-year-old expert sports individual who delights in hoping, enjoying television and working on autos. He is offering as well as offering but can also be extremely dull and also a little bit hostile.

He is a Finnish Christian that specifies himself as pansexual. He started studying sporting activities science at university but never ended up the program. He is allergic to eggs. He has an extreme anxiety of clowns

Literally, Tony is in good shape. He is very tall with light skin, grey hair as well as brownish eyes.

He grew up in a center course neighborhood. He was raised by his father, his mom having actually left when he was young.

He is presently in a relationship with Fraser Dale Chen. Fraser is 16 years older than him and also functions as a Company CEO.

Tony’s buddy is an expert sporting activities individual called John Driscoll. They are indivisible. He likewise hangs around with Alfie Phillips and Sinead Lopez. They enjoy charity interact.