North Central New Jersey PROPERTY Video Blog With Shannon Aronson

North Central New Jersey PROPERTY Video Blog With Shannon Aronson 1

Shannon Aronson started her local real property career 8 years back with investment properties, both renovating houses for resale and acquiring local rental properties. In the past few years, Shannon has shifted her focus to assisting her customers and clients to meet their needs. Because of her experience with investing, Shannon is sensitive to the needs and expectations of buyers and sellers.

Shannon and her team have come to comprehend that the moving process is a very emotional and nerve-racking time. It is their mission to steer people through this important time. For sellers, Shannon’s team offers a research-based marketing plan that offers home quickly and for top level dollar. For buyers, they take the right time to listen to all the priorities of the client. They pride themselves on locating the perfect home for all their clients.

  • Fees: Investment management fees are usually the same when using Roth IRA’s or traditional IRA’s
  • 8-10 9.05% 1.92% -2.07% 3.99%
  • U.S.’ average house price-to-income proportion is 2.16
  • Real GDP development: 6.7% (2010)
  • 2004 $1,429.00 $7,576.00 18.9% $3,813.00
  • Time Deposit

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