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Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is used by a lot of people and business, business to store data and perform the calculation with this data. Writing and Reading data into MS-Excel using SSIS is very common. Ms-Excel spreadsheet can store data into multiple sheets. Reading data from these bed linens and keeping it into a SQL desk is pretty easy with SSIS. In this article we will learn to read data from multiple bedding and store it into a SQL desk. For demonstration purpose let us consider the following Ms-Excel spreadsheet with data in three different sheets. Each sheet consists of two column data – DeptCode and Deptname.

SSIS: How exactly to download multiple excel documents into multiple SQL desks? SSIS: How exactly to resolve Excel Import 255 personality Truncation concern? SSIS: How to create a HyperLink in Excel result? Let us produce a SQL table that will store the info from all three bedding of MS-Excel. Let us create the SSIS package now.

The very first thing we do is to create a adjustable with the name “SheetName”. In the control circulation tab we have added two tasks – one Foreach Loop Container and one-Data Flow Task. Foreach Loop Container will loop through each of sheet and performs Data Flow Task activities.

From the bond Manager list we’ve selected Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider. Through the Schema list we’ve selected Tables. On Data Flow Tab we’ve followed three handles. Excel Source settings read the data from each of the sheet. On Excel Source we’ve setup the info-access mode to Table name or view name adjustable.

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We have selected the adjustable name as SheetName, we have defined this variable earlier. In the Columns we have selected both result columns – Deptcode and DeptName. Data Conversion control converts the data type from Unicode to Varchar as the data we read from Excel is treated as Unicode. OLE DB Destination settings load the info into SQL table. We have mapped the derived columns with SQL table.

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