I Photograph Everything For My Blog

I Photograph Everything For My Blog 1

I will be filming an updated beauty room video and an updated makeup collection video, as I’ve recently moved. I have new company ideas and can’t wait around to share it with you all once I’ve everything in its place. My beauty room is my office. I’ve all my makeup, nail Polish, locks stuff, cream, perfume, etc. within — as well as where I picture everything for my blog.

I have a ton of makeup, which I keep neatly stored. To see a blog post on my makeup collection & storage, JUST CLICK HERE (also includes a web link to a video). I’ve over 2,300 nail polishes — that I store on my Polish cabinets. My latest post about my nail Polish collection and storage space is from December 2011. Since that post my collection has grown and my storage has changed up slightly. But for now, CLICK HERE for the post.

As someone once said ‘Vanity well fed is benevolent. Feed me, and I could be benevolent. Look into the mirror, admire yourself. Cast the conventions of beauty away. All what you are creating to believe are ephemeral. A speck of your time and space in the cosmos. The reflection, the truth is is to be cherished and cherished. Walk with your face held high. Exude confidence. Feed your vanity.

For confidently comes comfort in communication. Consistent comfort gives courage and copious opportunities. But beware its intoxicating power that can cause you to oblivious to your faults, arrogant in your advances. Opportunities lead to satisfying dreams. Hating one’s looks leads to happiness never. Disregard the naysayers who feel vanity is a pride and a deadly sin.

At first I was meaningless. Vanitas Vanitatum, Omnia Vanitas. Initially I had been meaningless. I became everything Then. This is a global world where gifts get judged by their wrappings. Too many precious gifts lie unwrapped and therefore unappreciated Far. Equally far too many precious gifts get misjudged because they dare to wear a shiny wrapping. In this rock and roll where billions dwell and perish in vain, could it be vainglorious to attempt to leave one’s mark in people’s minds and hearts? Self-actualisation is the zenith that Abraham Maslow places at the top of his hierarchy of needs.

  • 11048-7 Baymeadows Road
  • Store the remaining mixture in a refrigerator
  • The problem will be every Monday thru Sunday 9pm EST
  • It is good for those with dried out and oily epidermis
  • 1 green tea extract bag (or even more depending about how strong you like your tea)
  • Use Eyeshadow To Compliment Your Skin Tone
  • Stir both ingredients collectively

Does one need to have vanity to accomplish such lofty goals? As time passes folks have forgotten my true meaning Maybe. They assume confidence, seeking validation, attention to detail, buying one’s appearance, reflecting on one’s reflection – all as vanity. As the man who searched for youngsters as his portrait grew old and mottled along with his sins realized, all will fade eventually. All will return to Gaia.

So while there are a wish and energy, vitality and vigor, perception, and interest – there may be vanity too. So enjoy me while I last. Look for a reflection. Fall in love. Feel free to ignore the naysayers. Initially I used to be meaningless. Then I became everything. I am going to become meaningless again.