Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 5/8/11

Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog: 5/8/11 1

If you do not know, Derek founded CD Baby but also spent time at posting large Warner Chappel so he definitely understands the big (he was a touring musician as well). But maybe the most interesting thing about Derek is he’s a great college student of marketing and how traditional marketing applies to musicians.

Here’s his 7-marketing fundamentals. When he was students at Berklee College of Music, Derek was going to a music-business lecture. Prior to the lecture began, he overheard his professor whispering to visitor-speaker Mark Fried from Warner Chappell Music that there would be no time to eat prior to the lecture and it was a 3-hour chat. Mark was looking hungry and there had clearly been a miscommunication about eating before the class started. So, Derek slipped out of the room to a pay phone and ordered pizza for Mark and for the entire class.

Forty-five minutes into his lecture, Mark was eating pizza with the class and was extremely thankful to Derek (who was one of many students in the room) who went out of his way to help him. Following the lecture, Mark provided Derek his cards and informed him to retain in touch, which Derek did for the rest of the 24 months he was at Berklee.

When he emerged to New York he’d met Mark for espresso and their companionship grew. Week before his graduation A, Derek called Mark to ask if there were any careers at Warner Chappell opening up. Seven days later Derek had a working job working at Warner Chappell in the tape room.

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25 and it secured him a job in the music industry. There were probably 45 students sitting down in that lecture hall that day and he was the one who ended up with a relationship with Mark and in the end…a job. While employed in the tape room at Warner Chappell, Derek surely got to see first hand what it appears like from the within when indie music artists send unsolicited music to a posting company.

Warner Chappell is a big posting company that was not looking to signal new performers and Derek saw the packages turn up by the dozen on a daily basis. From this he learned what never to do exactly. In the event that you hire anyone to be on your team, regardless of what these are doing for you, you must recognize that that person is your hired partner.

You will both have to work to accomplish your desired result. This is also true in the world of cultural mass media and online marketing. Reach People the Way You Want to Be Reached. Stop thinking of it as Marketing and start thinking about it as creative ways to be considerate. Begin to pay attention to other artist’s communications and notice what works you.

You cannot cut through the world’s attention if you are using a blunt knife and you’ll most surely be blunt if you are trying to be everything to all people. Your message must be razor-sharp and pointed. It’s OK to exclude 99% and have 1% worships you! Be unapologetic in your bluntness.

DIY doesn’t have to mean doing it all yourself. Carrying it out all yourself will surely establish you for exhaustion and can leave you no time to be creative. Determine It Yourself – you call the shots but you understand how to delegate MUST, put your enthusiasts to work and get things off of your plate. Everything major that occurs in your career starts with someone you understand. Get used to residing in touch with hundreds of people with weblogs and with your newsletter. It’s an emotional shift in your head, but once you may make it you can be very effective staying in touch with many people.

This is the wonder of technology. Make yourself meet 3 new people each and every week: Do that by picking right up the phone – people get hundreds of emails and numerous phone calls. TIP: AVOID saying what “pick your brain” to anyone. Help support this website. Any buys made through our Amazon links help support this site without cost for you.