My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss

My Journey Through Deepest, Darkest Weight Loss 1

This morning hours I weighed 207.6. Up 1.week 6 pounds from last, getting my total weight reduction to 46.8 lbs. Ago tomorrow is once I officially started this journey Five years. Of course, the measurements up are. It is only reasonable that would happen. The good thing in all of the is that my weight was 209.2 at one point over the last days. I’m hoping that means I’ve transformed this around and my weight will continue steadily to slip down, however gradually. Because of losing, I believe that I am on the right course with the No S diet program. Honestly, I’m uncertain.

I am so bumfuzzled by my misconceptions lately, which I don’t trust myself to learn the truth. This is a huge leap of faith for me personally to remain with the plan. I am risking a great deal of squandered time and weight gain, easily am messed up in my thinking again.

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  • I’d have to take steroids to attain those results

I am available to views and clarification from anyone with insight! I have been thinking a lot about the younger me I saw in those photographs, and why that me thought she was so excess fat. As I remember, besides the lack of male interest in me, I saw slimmer people around me.

I read books and magazines that said I used to be fat because the number on the size was too much. I became fixated with this true number on the size. I thought I should weigh 117 lbs! In looking at those shots, and knowing what I weighed generally, 117 would have been gaunt and unattractive.

I had a bit of the epiphany while I had been contemplating that. I am still fixated with lots on the scale. As much as I make an effort to convince myself I’m not, I am. My goals are almost exclusively associated with this. I wish to weigh in by this date.

Or I wish to get below 200. I QUICKLY want to get to a lower weight than 2 years ago. I have to learn to be happy with the current me personally at 207.6 pounds. And I need to be happy in a few days with me whatever the scales say. I have a host of friends that don’t ditch me when my weight fluctuates. 65MD and my family love me regardless of what the scales say. I need to figure out how to do that too. This could be harder than figuring out how to lose weight.

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