HOME MORTGAGE Origination (MLO) 1

MLO license endorsements are issued annually and expire December 31st of every year. The NMLS renewal period begins November 1st and ends December 31st of each year. MLO license endorsements issued prior to November 1st are required to be renewed through NMLS to become valid the following year. Review your Department of PROPERTY (DRE) real property license information to make sure that the underlying DRE license is within a “Licensed” or “Licensed NBA” status. If a genuine estate permit is in an expired, revoked, suspended, or surrendered position the MLO renewal request will never be approved.

Log into your NMLS record(s) to ensure you know your User Name(s) and Password(s) which your MLO permit endorsement is within a renewable position (Approved, Approved-Inactive, or Approved-Conditional). Look for any license items on your MLO record(s). Any unresolved license items will postpone and may prevent the acceptance of your renewal request. Complete eight (8) hours of NMLS approved continuing education (CE).

You may send a renewal demand and renewal fee electronically through NMLS when the CE is viewable on your NMLS record. Submit a company renewal request and renewal fee electronically through NMLS. The DRE licensed designated broker/officer must request and attest to the ongoing company renewal. The designated broker/officer must complete 8 hours of NMLS approved continuing education and submit an Individual MLO renewal request through NMLS.

The Individual MLO renewal request should be posted before the filing of the organization Company renewal request. Submit a company renewal request and renewal fee electronically through NMLS. The broker must ask for and verify the business renewal. The broker must complete 8 hours of NMLS approved continuing education and submit a person MLO renewal request electronically through NMLS. The Individual MLO renewal demand should be posted prior to the filing of the business renewal request.

Branch renewals should be posted after the Company (MU1) license endorsement renewal has been submitted. NMLS does allow for a renewal to be requested during a “Reinstatement Period” which starts January 1st and continues through the finish of February. Late fees are not assessed for filings submitted during the NMLS reinstatement period. Failure to ask for a renewal by the finish of February will lead to a MLO permit endorsement position being changed to “Terminated-Expired” and can no longer qualify for renewal. To secure a MLO license endorsement, a fresh software and appropriate fees must be again filed.

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A candidate for an Individual MLO permit endorsement must also authorize a fresh credit report, send new fingerprints for police arrest records check, and complete the appropriate NMLS continuing education. Additional information regarding the MLO renewal process can be found on the NMLS Web site. All licensees must be accountable to the Department of PROPERTY if they make, set up, or service loans guaranteed by the home property, 1 to 4 devices, under the power of a Department of Real Estate license. The survey must be produced within thirty days of commencing home home mortgage activity. This is an internet form and must be completed on the Department of Real Estate SITE using Form RE-866 – HOME MORTGAGE Activity Notification. Penalty fees can make an application for failure to submit this required notification.

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