Smart Key Matches Your Existing Key(s)

There are optional solutions to make new keys to Toyota with Techstream software or some car key programmers. Some by the dealer, some day. Here, you shall get the least expensive way to make it. 250 but I’ve only far found 1 so. I had been told it was an OEM part and could have six months of warranty.

Any recommendations in the GTA would be much valued. 110 and bring it to a dealership or agent/locksmith to own it designed into the car. 50 by the dealership. Any recommendations to purchasing OEM Smart Keys online would be much appreciated. When you have a laptop, Techstream software, a connecting cable, and the Smart Key, you can DIY. Its unclear if the “Ignition Key” part can be DIY with Techstream (someone please clarify). If you fail to, this appears to defeat the benefit and would seem better for pursue the Partial DIY option above.

The website for Techstream shows a membership model with differing options. I’ve viewed few posts in the forums but overall am lost on the entire DIY option. 15 for 1 code. The least expensive if the fourth solution: full do-it-yourself to make a new key. Here, is the how-to’s for research. Smart Key matches your existing key(s).

Techstream: You should be able to run the program without an error appearing. MVCI Cable: When you connect it into your personal computer, you should hear the iconic “ding” sound. In the event that you don’t, it could suggest a loose connection (I experienced this and had to start my wire to get it working). Once you’ve everything ready to go, start your launch and car Techstream. Leave the driver’s door OPEN for the entire duration. Note: As the procedure I’m running right through takes about 20 minutes total, its suggested to really have the car running to guarantee the battery doesn’t drain out. After a while, you will reach the operational system Select web page. All the ECUs will be yellow.

You can click “Health Check” to have Techstream go through each of the ECUs and determine its status, which requires a few minutes and can change their color. Once in there, select “Utility” on the left-hand aspect and you shall reach this screen. Now, if a NEW was had by you Smart Key, the procedure is relatively straightforward.

You can merely go through the “Smart Code Registration” option, which there are 2 of. Both options work, the Classic is older and has less explanations, as the new you have more text and is more user-friendly. NEW Smart Key inside touch it on the ignition button. Place the NEW Smart Key on the traveler chair until prompted usually. The only choice that appears to work is the “Smart Code Reset” function. Within the “Smart Code Reset” function, you will reach this screen.

You can click on the “Get Pass-Code” button, that will take one to another screen which allows you to duplicate the 96-digit SEED code (the first one doesn’t appear to let you copy, despite being able to click on it). Usually do not close the Techstream home window that has the SEED code shown (the first one).Techstream generates a new SEED code every right time you enter the function, so if you close from it, you lose that session.

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If you re-enter it, a new SEED code will be supplied and any SEED passcode you received from a calculator will be ineffective (you can’t re-open an earlier program). SEED code, I would strongly suggest that you do all of it through the copy-paste instead of manually typing. This would help you avoid any unintentional typos (as that would end up costing you money for a fresh SEED passcode). 1: Do not close the Techstream screen that gets the SEED code shown (the first one).

You may then go back into Techstream and paste the code in. 2: Be sure you leave the driver’s part-door OPEN. Usually do not close it, as it’ll interrupt the reset procedure. If the function fails for reasons unknown, DO NOT CLOSE THE DRIVER’S DOOR. You might still be able to try again or carry through with the rest of the steps successfully (other posts have reported so). You will then reach this display, where you await 16 minutes simply. The timer ends Once, it will let you know the task is complete (successfully)… but you’re not done yet!