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Part of the PR bundle Technic was kind enough to send me, was the color Fix Blush Palette. Blush really really helps to finish a makeup look and personally is something I love within my makeup schedule. So, if you would like to learn more concerning this Blush Palette, keep on reading then!

This blush palette features 8 tones and there’s a great range of shades meaning there’s a shade for a variety of skin shades. Each blush color has 3.5g of product which is a good amount and the RRP because of this palette is £4.17, on Amazon you can choose this up for £2 however.99 which is a great price! The blushes are natural powder, and the method is consistent with each color.

The pans are a great size to fit a blush brush in which I believe is important normally you end up picking right up many different colors! The product packaging is clear on the front with the product details, and that means you can clearly see all the colors inside before you get. They are all matte blushes that I love personally.

The ingredients are also detailed on the trunk of the packaging. Here are swatches of all 8 shades and as you can plainly see, they have great color pay off! The blushes feel so creamy and they blend so well into the skin to essentially give you the perfect blush. I love all the different tones and the pigmentation of the blushes. I’ve used these on my a Muslim as well also, especially the darker shades as these are dark for me to use as a blush too. Overall, I really like the blush palette. I love the colors, the performance of their blushes as well as the size of the product. So, if you’re searching for a new blush I highly recommend this palette then! For only £2.99 this is a take!

It is very creamy but not greasy at all, and absorbs very quickly, which is excellent because I don’t need to worry about any of it leaving residues on my clothes. You can use my own promo code at checkout: MyOpinion25 to get a discount! Two lucky winners will obtain all 5 products I analyzed here. What Perlier product are you more thrilled to test?

  • Create an Easy Oatmeal Soak to Calm Your Skin
  • It can build lines and wrinkles and freckles
  • Use natural chemical preservatives to extend the shelf life of your home made beauty products
  • Keeps your skin hydrated

I received these products for a review purpose. Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review. I give all my views and thoughts sincerely. This giveaway is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. MY ESTIMATION and more are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

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