The Tragic Decline In Lion Populations In Africa

The Tragic Decline In Lion Populations In Africa 1

When you go through the many documentaries on lions in Africa, you get the feeling that lions are happy and safe in the wild. You get the sensation that all is right in the natural world. Despite the beauty and serene nature of these documentaries, lions are at risk of going extinct in the next 10 or twenty years if drastic action is not taken up to save them.

The lion population has dropped significantly in the past few years. In 1940 the lion inhabitants was at about 450 000 lions in the open. Today there are estimated to be less than 30,000 lions left in Africa. This tragic body shows how bad the human being footprint has been on this animal varieties.

The reason for the dramatic reduction in numbers is attributed to a reduction in savannah grasslands, trophy hunting, disease, and prey decline. Savannah Africa is a huge piece of land that is really as large as half of the continental USA. A large portion of the pets that remain are positioned in national parks, which helps protect them from many hazards. The unhappy thing is that only 25 percent of Savannah Africa remains, it isn’t in very good shape. Many lions credited to loss of habitat, end up venturing into territory where humans reside. This causes issue between man and the fantastic cat. This issue leads to lions being wiped out senselessly often.

Many areas need to be fenced in to better protect this animal. However fencing in large portions of land is not necessarily easy and it is a great task that requires money and time. The period that was the most dramatic in terms of loss of population was from 1940 to 1980 where more than 300 000 pet cats were lost. As the situation is dramatic there is significant expect the lions to recover still.

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There can be found several programs already in spot to help the fantastic cat to recover. One particular programs is called THE BEST Cats Initiative, which you can donate to. THE BEST Cats Initiative has several measures in play which reduces poaching, and supports locals to raised care for the great cat. The countries which still have the largest amount of lions will be the pursuing, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Central African Republic.

Another program that is assisting to save the kitty is called Roaring With Pride. This programs is actually a television show that is aired on the channel called Love Nature. This program actively does several things such as care for growing lions in fenced in areas, and then they release them into the wild.

Another such task is called COPING WITH Lions and they are helping to protect the crazy lions that live in Kenya that are beyond nationwide parks. This project comprises 7 researchers and thirty four Maasai warriors. Yet another program helping the great cat is the Lion Conservation Fund which is basically a charity setup to help the cat which is in decline. Finally there is another task setup to help the cat, this project is named Project Leonardo. What they do is they help to mitigate issue between humans and the great cat in problem areas. At often the edges of national parks are where many humans live.