10 Indian Skin Care Brands That Will Change HOW YOU Shop For Your Skin

10 Indian Skin Care Brands That Will Change HOW YOU Shop For Your Skin 1

When it comes to makeup products and health, we like not to take risks and spend hours carefully picking out products that will suit our specific needs. But the big-budget media campaigns covered by the best international brands persuade us they are the only ones who are able to help our locks and skin. India has a flourishing cosmetic industry, numerous homegrown, organic beauty brands selling among the better products that are suited for the Indian consumer, both women, and men.

What’s more, they may be cheaper than any brought in a bottle of hair shampoo you can buy and you would be supporting your local market. Although there are hundreds, we chose the 10 brands that we love the best, for the next grocery list. Just Herbs uses all natural ingredients and quality Ayurvedic recipes to make bespoke products because of their customers, like oils, salves, creams, shampoos, soap, body wash, and scrubs. Their bestsellers are their 6-step regime sets for various pores and skin types, that include creams, glow-boosting oils, and face washes.

Their online store offers a free consultation with their experts on Whatsapp. Just Herbs products can also be found in Sephora and other beauty stores. This Delhi-based brand takes responsible cosmetics one step further when you are vegan. The brand does not use any animal-derived products like milk, beeswax, or honey. Their web store offers a wide range of products like body clean, scrubs, body butter, shower salts, creams, body mists, essential oils, and even eye-masks that are infused with natural aromas like cedarwood and eucalyptus. Were only available in 2013, this brand uses organic ingredients like turmeric, neem, fruits, triphala, and multani mitti to make products that remedy skin care and illnesses for your skin layer and body.

Products available at their Mumbai store range between scrubs, masks, cleansers, soaps, fragrances, and even handmade kajal and sure. Started by a Coimbatore-based couple, this beauty brand not only makes 100% chemical-free products for men and women but also infants and children. In addition to the normal creams and soaps, their online store offers aromatherapy sets, creams that treat blemishes and scars, and creams that treat diaper rashes for infants.

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Based out of Panjim, Goa, this small soap brand has been garnering a not-so-small pursuing because of its handmade soaps. Natural ingredients like honey, plants, oatmeal, coconut, clay etc are accustomed to making their fragrant, non-toxic pubs. Amazon and other retail outlets, both online and off, offer these soaps. Literally translated into ‘Educated Wife’ in Marathi, Shikleli Bayko makes calming soaps, body lotions, and lip balms for many age groups and genders.

Pick from a variety of flavors like Mint Patchouli, Deep Forest, White Musk, and more for that natural glow off their online store. Started by two nature-lovers, Rustic Art makes artisanal soaps, shampoos, and creams for your family using only the freshest of 100 % natural ingredients and essential oils. They even make natural laundry natural powder, and soap as well as menstrual cups.

All their products are available here. Although their online store offers more than simply skin-care products, Pratha Naturals is known because of its chemical-free soaps, shampoos, and bath salts. A few of their bestsellers include the Abhagya Snap Kit and the 100% Extra Virgin ESSENTIAL OLIVE OIL soaps. This beauty brand focuses on dealing with epidermis disorders like acne and blemishes mainly.

Their selection of natural, hand-crafted essential oils and lotions have been making waves with customers with specific epidermis problems. They evenoffer chemical-free deodorants, healing salts, and skin elixirs. Made completely from Ayurvedic recipes, this brand offers an array of personal care products at their online store. Every pores and skin locks and type type will see a product that has been tailor-made on their behalf including dirt packages, moisturizers, anti-aging lotions, hair natural oils, shaving lotions, and aftershaves. Skin care does not have to be an expensive and confusing affair. Finding products made for your skin type just got easier just. How many other Indian beauty brands could you increase this list? Let us know in the responses.

It’s thinner and adds some color to your lips. They even say you can put this on your eyelids. PS. I believe it’s Tiger Melon (doesn’t say on the packaging). This hands balm works but it leaves a serious moist and tacky film due to the heavier substances. Your fingertips will slide and slide like essential oil is in it just.