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British Airways has officially announced that the first 2 long haul routes that it’ll be operating which consists of newly shipped fleet of Airbus A380s shall be LA and Hong Kong. Both routes will obtain one daily A380 managed service each from 15OCT (LAX) and 15NOV (HKG) each respectively. 97 business course seats. PAL must get into the KWI market as quickly as possible as immediate competition with this route is far less versus the other GCC cities. A380. The trip receiving the update is EK 414/415 which departs DXB at 0225 and departs SYD at 0600 respectively.

Communicate that users concerns are taken seriously- there is absolutely no such thing as a ridiculous question. What information was given? Respect for callers attitude without adopting it. “In order to avoid providing you information you might already know: what information about this have you already got? Assess caller’s intake capacity in this type of situation and how information should be customized with their needs.

“Do you want me to tell you the info we’ve got about this question? “Do you want me to give you an overview at first? “Would you like me to get some background information at first? “Should I clarify first the back ground story? Provide small manageable information packages. Check back to make sure caller has understood. Offer additional support services.

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Explain pauses that are triggered by searching for information. “Did I reply to your question with the given information I provided you? “Is the given information you were looking for? “Have we discussed anything that you had a need to know? “Unfortunately we weren’t in a position to answer your question(s) how you had expected it. 2.2 Explain the purpose of providing up-to-date and accurate information to callers. Giving in accurate information to callers means when someone calls an organization they did so with the anticipation of getting their question/query promptly and professionally.

Having up to date information available in a clear and concise manner will verify in the callers brain they made a good buying decision or are about to. 2.3 Explain the purpose of security and confidentiality when dealing with callers. From a callers point of view they need their personal stats kept secure and confidential by showing this when dealing with a caller you are showing them that you can be trusted using their private information. For your perspective, you need to keep callers private information private and respect their personal privacy, or you will be responsible for prosecution under the info protection action.

2.4 Describe the types of information that could have an effect on confidentiality and security and how to handle these. If any confidential or information to do with security is provided, then it is causing a threat to others. Types of information that could affect confidentiality and security are peoples personal details, PIN numbers, National Insurance Numbers and account numbers.