Weight Loss In Nursing Home Patients: Prognostic Implications

Weight Loss In Nursing Home Patients: Prognostic Implications 1

A change in weight, significantly weight loss, is often used as an indicator of the standard of affected person care in nursing homes, as a result of it usually displays the patients’ nutritional standing. Weight loss is commonly utilized in nursing homes to indicate the presence of a systemic illness or to foretell impending loss of life.

To see if weight loss can be utilized to foretell the presence of an underlying illness, 199 nursing dwelling residents were adopted over a 3-year interval. Residents had been weighed on the time of admission, and on the time they were hospitalized for a sudden sickness, transferred to another stage of nursing house care, when useful dependence on nursing residence staff increased, or when dying occurred. There was no vital change in weight just before patients were transferred to the hospital for an acute illness. Patients who died had lost a median of 10 pounds since their admission to the home.

Weight loss was associated with a lower in purposeful potential (resembling capability to feed oneself) and a rise in the level of nursing care required. However, a weight loss of as much as 20 p.c was not helpful in predicting impending loss of life. Therefore, weight loss was not discovered to be an accurate predictor of underlying disease in nursing residence residents.

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