Elegance And Beauty

Elegance And Beauty 1

Here’s the offer as I’ve come to comprehend it: We are bombarded by images and marketing that encourage us to buy a certain look, be considered a certain way and wear a certain colour. However, when you look at all the style ‘icons’, they have a very important factor in common – they created a custom, original look that suited them and their personality.

They have an intuitive knowing of what appears good to them. They step out of the type of trends and produce a ‘custom made look’. I find it disheartening that so many of us admire these ‘style icons’ but dismiss creating a distinctive iconic style for themselves. I believe that we should change our perspective and use the best of fashion and style to make it our very own.

One of the techniques we really can stick out and ‘own’ our style is by knowing our best colors. Ever since I was draped as a Warm Autumn in the 16 seasonal color analysis, I must say I believe that I’m going for a step closer to being my true ‘iconic self’. Knowing my best colors has made shopping easier and I could buy that ‘warm hazelnut’ coat and know that it is a true representation of ME.

Similarly, with makeup (my true enthusiasm), I can wear that warm reddish dark brown lipstick, and know it symbolizes more than just a ‘colour’, but a tone that are clearly a representation of my custom colors. The ‘reddish brownish’ red lipstick, in a sense, has become my iconic tone. I’m putting on it constantly and have noticed that that the ‘desire’ to keep buying lipsticks is ‘eliminated’. I don’t possess a need to continue trying to establish myself because I feel so confident in knowing what suits me. It’s this very confidence that each style icon has.

I can appreciate and know how women become more assured as they grow older and exactly how their style really becomes express as they embrace their authenticity. Even as we move nearer to knowing our ‘self’, something in us begins to move away from all things that no longer ‘fit for us’. We embrace our ‘truth’ and that is clearly a very beautiful space to maintain!

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The point is plainly mentioned in verse 11. This is the first of the many signals that Jesus does. And when Jesus did it, He manifested His glory. Jesus didn’t turn water into wine to make a statement about the utilization of alcohol. It was done by him, to reveal, to display, to demonstrate, to express His glory. And the manifestation of His glory was sufficient for His disciples to believe in Him. In a way, that is exactly what the whole Gospel of John is about. In the beginning from it, John points to a miracle that confirmed His glory: “THE TERM was made flesh, and we beheld His glory!

It is fairly interesting that people know the titles of the guests at the wedding, however, not the names of the groom and bride. We realize that Mary there was. We know that the disciples have there been, and that could include as of this true point at least John, Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathanael. But most importantly, we know that Jesus there was, and he was an invited guest.