Media Business & Future Of Journalism (JEM499)

Media Business & Future Of Journalism (JEM499) 1

Since these services can be considered substitutes for TV networks and pay stations that are the MVPDs main business, any such actions might be considered to be anticompetitive and violations of antitrust regulation. Justice is also reported to be looking at the ownership relationship of some networks with some MVPDs and concerns that they could also lead to anticompetitive behaviors with respect to both data services, and other networks. These actions follow on FCC concerns that MVPDs and other broadband data service providers are violating new Network Neutrality guidelines limiting methods that arguably discriminate among data resources and services.

Comcast, in particular, has put a cap on customers’ ability to download content through their broadband service and has involved in slowing data rates of speed to high-demand customers allegedly. Comcast’s attitude, while understandable from a short-term business perspective (sheltering it’s start-up from competition and limiting broadband use to delay network upgrades) – but it does look like clearly anticompetitive and violations of the FCC’s network-neutrality rules. I’d also suggest that it’s not a good long-term business strategy in a world where there are strongly competitive alternatives. Comcast’s techniques would appear to make their service less valuable to customers who increasingly have options for Comcast’s MVPD and broadband services – their behavior here will press heavy video and data consumers to change to some of these competitors.

Effectiveness means doing right things that customers want to the specifications finalized by the business. This performance can be a daily issue within a business producing custom products as the customer can keep on changing his necessity. The procedures managers have to hear the customer and agree on the standards and connect the same to the people in their works. They have to control the activity so that what’s desired gets produced. Effectiveness activities take significant time of managers.

In production shops, a staff activity production planning and control help creation managers in ensuring the delivery of the right product in the right amount at the right time. So even in efficiency activities, procedures managers use staff specialists. Efficiency means doing something at the cheapest possible cost. Operations managers have to provide the agreed product at the cheapest possible cost.

They have the duty to make their functions efficient. So functions managers have to learn efficiency methods and techniques. Frederick Taylor emphasized efficiency along with effectiveness in his famous paper “Shop management”. Industrial anatomist is the discipline that emerged to look after efficiency sizing of procedures as a staff-management discipline.

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In procedures management, three types of decisions are taken. Strategic issues include what product (service) shall we make? How will we make the product? Where do we locate the facility or facilities? How much capacity do we build? Intermediate decisions can be thought of as annual plans, materials purchase policies, staff levels changes and working capital support requirements for inventory financing. Operations decisions are daily machine dispatching decisions.

What is Operations Management? Why is Operations Not Regarded as Important? A supply chain is a network of supply and operations processes. From a company perspective Supply Chain manager is the former Works manager. The designation works managers did not indicate his responsibility for supply chain even though he was handling that function in many companies. Designating his as Supply Chain Manager or as Supply Chain and Works Managers, can make him feel responsible for Supply Chain Design, Operations, and Strategy.