WHAT EXACTLY ARE The Doordash Customer Expectations TO GET A 5 Star Rating

WHAT EXACTLY ARE The Doordash Customer Expectations TO GET A 5 Star Rating 1

It would be nice if it were possible to keep a 5.00 rating on Doordash. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for this to happen, no matter how good of a dasher you are, you will never maintain a perfect 5.00 customer satisfaction rating. This does not mean that you should be careless and irresponsible with customer’s orders.

As Doordash drivers, you shall want to keep the customer satisfaction rating as high as possible. Have you ever wondered why you have such a low rating while you feel that you do everything right? Trust me, when you are told by me that it happens to all of us.

During my first 500 deliveries, I was able to maintain a rating that would change but was always among 4 frequently.60 and 4.90. Things changed Then. My ranking began shedding to 4 Suddenly.40, 4 then.30, then 4.20. Before it was known by me I was flirting with the 3s. Fortunately, I hit the 3s never, but my rating did decrease to 4.01. I wasn’t doing anything different.

Maybe I was just not as thinking about dashing any more. Maybe I appeared a little grumpy, while I walked up at hand the food to the customers. I don’t know what happened, this day I still do not truly understand it also to. I am happy to say that my Doordash customer rating has now gone back up, and I am across the 4 routinely.50 mark. So I ask again, what are the goals from the client? Getting the customer’s food to them on time definitely tops this list.

When a person gets their order late, you can be pretty sure they are going to leave a bad ranking for the drivers, and the greater past due you are, the higher the probabilities are of getting that bad mark. An promptly delivery will more often than not be a 5.00 rating. This is why you must be cautious when stacking many purchases too. If you have four orders stacked, chances are that at least a few of them will be late. This is especially true when the drop-off locations are not near each other.

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This is why you need to analyze each order before you acknowledge it. You might also need to be careful with purchases that just about establish you to be late. An example of this is an order that you accept at 3p.m., and the expected delivery time is 3:05 p.m.

You won’t get this to delivery on time and may want to consider declining these types of orders. Sometimes, you will be late delivering purchases without fault of your. Periodically a restaurant shall take long and make you later. There isn’t much that can be done about this, but you may want to note in your mind that one restaurants are slow.

It can occur to the best restaurants, and if it happens once it is no big deal, but there are restaurants that are always gradual and can frequently make you later. You eventually learn the habits of these restaurants, and if you would like to raise your ratings, you might like to consider declining orders from these restaurants. It is very important to Doordash customers get fresh food. Unless a person purchases a something or sandwich, they expect their food to be hot and nice.