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A couple of months back, I announced that I would be taking my instructor training, a no-turning back move I put. Although I’m poorer, I know that this is a big investment career-wise and in my yoga journey also. I have practiced yoga informally for approximately a decade (starting from taking a look at tutorials in magazines and YouTube) and two years formally in a yoga studio, taking workshops, and self-practicing homework at home, but there’s so much to learn! September even opened up itself to me. I didn’t have an individual work booked that month. In a real way, there was disappointment because my brushes were itching to be utilized.

That leisure time, though, was a blessing because it provided me a chance to really prepare and become pre-yinned out before the training. Since I was at home the majority of the time, I had time for you to cook healthy food and incorporate more of them into my system. I also used the time to read and study in advance and do my yang exercises (pole, Vinyasa, HIIT) to balance the Yin prep time.

The training itself was intense – physically and mentally. This helped us prepare to get better educators. A very important factor Victor Chng, our teacher said to us that, “Teaching can be an extension of genuine experience.” This echoed just what a good mentor and friend in Yin Yoga told me, that everything is still rooted upon practice.

We did practice yoga- a lot until muscle memory space tells our bodies where to cue and what to feel. My friends in Facebook were probably concerned when I submitted status messages of my teacher training going such as this: Day 1: damaged hips. Day 2: broken lower back. Day 3: damaged legs.

They probably thought I used to be getting harmed from all the yoga exercises I am doing (on the other hand, it’s quite rare to get harmed from yin yoga). This damaged actually is a different kind of “broken”. It’s a figurative kind of broken. That it is an activity of transformation, since the old body must be “destroyed” for the new body to build up.

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On the approach to life change, old sayings are true actually. I learned to consider water warm or at room temperature and eat dinner earlier and keep it lighter so as to not stress my digestive tract when it’s supposed to be resting (remember the after 6 diets?). Eating a far more plant-based diet is in fact good for my own body and the environment. I didn’t go diamond-class vegan at this time.

Small changes like eating plant-based foods during supper or heading vegetarian each day in weekly already can make a lot of difference. I got subjected to a lot of yummy vegetarian meals as well. I usually liked vegetables and discovered so many other ways to consume them. Our lunch from Greenery Kitchen – buttered vegetables and vegetarian Korean “barbecue”.

They deliver in Makati and their rates are affordable! I still have my surf and turf since I want my pet protein for HIIT and pole, though but I choose when to keep these things and the type. Sleep has been more important. I remember my buddy makeup artist EJ telling me that people need to be asleep by 10 pm to 3 am since it is now time that your skin reaches rest and recharge. It actually holds true not in the skin but our organs and liver just.