Weight Watchers Banana Bread

Weight Watchers Banana Bread 1

We love banana bread. We love Weight Watchers also. Weight Watchers is a lifestyle that enables you to eat what you would like and still lose weight. Healthy Banana Bread doesn’t usually fit in with any “diets”, but that’s why we love WW: it’s not a diet! We have been limiting our carb intake lately, which includes really given our weight reduction a boost. I hit a plateau, therefore did my wife.

We had to do something different, but who would like to give up dessert? Only 3-Freestyle SmartPoints per Loaf! We began eating our weeklies and reducing our carbs. We did not cut out carbs completely, but we do scale back significantly. Cutting carbs has helped us to jump-start our metabolism again, and we started losing weight again.

If you’re wondering, you can certainly do get and Weight Watchers at the same time! 🙂 Unfortunately, bananas aren’t super-keto-friendly. Our Weight Watchers friendly, healthy banana breads recipe is very low in points. You can add many different zero-point foods to mix it up. FRUITS and nut products blended in will have your family raving about this one for a long time to come. Just remember to include points when you add mix-ins. My children love this healthy banana bread a lot that it has replaced dessert on many occasions.

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We used the Kodiak brand pancake blend, which is packed with protein that allows you to feel full longer. If you want to add more protein and healthy excess fat to your daily diet, nuts are the strategy to use. Adding nut products to your banana bread gives it a little crunch and a pleasant nutty flavor. Walnuts, cashews, or pistachios if you are feeling adventurous 🙂 oh my I think I have to go and make some more of these.

Let me know how yours turn out. If you add 1/4 glass to the combine, that provides 1 point per loaf or 6 for the whole batch. Does Banana Bread Freeze Well? Freeze some banana bread for later. Make extras and freeze some. These make great holiday loaves take to a family gather.

Take two mini loaves with you and when it is dessert time have a cut or four 🙂 A whole mini loaf is only 3 points! Either way, you have kept your points, and you may pay back yourself with this delicious treat now. Air Fryer Banana Bread tastes as effective as traditional banana bread cooked in the oven.

Clean up is a lot easier with the Ninja Foodi or your Air Fryer. Using your Air Fryer shall save time in the procedure as well. The Ninja Food saved me about 10 minutes baking time and clean up was a cinch with the non-stick pot. Heat is another big issue when baking, your kitchen gets hot, muggy, and sometimes unbearable.

Using your Air Fryer or Ninja Food not only significantly reduces the time it requires to help make the banana bread it generally does not heat up your kitchen. If you are like me, I save baking for the wintertime because out of all the heat. We live in AZ, of the year and it is hot most, and it doesn’t leave but a couple weeks for baking. Given that we have a Ninja food I can cook all year long.