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I understand the Deferred Compensation Plan has switched to CitiStreet as the plan administrator which employees are now being charged a charge that is greater than what PEBSCO used to charge. The deferred settlement plan is implemented by any office of Administration, Division of Accounting, so we asked them to react to your question.

DeeMoney was awarded the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Award of the Asian Banker Awards 2019. Winning this meant moving a very strict evaluation but still standing up out from the audience of established titles in the remittance industry. It had been the very first time that these awards were opened for non-banks in the retail financial services category.

Adding another first to your credit, DeeMoney was the first non-bank in Thailand to get this prize. The Excellence in Retail Financial Services program has become the rigorous and clear awards programs for consumer financial services in the world, which naturally also makes it among the most exclusive. It covers institutions across the Asia Pacific region, the center of East and Africa.

More than 300 banking institutions and non-bank retail financial services players in more than 42 countries are evaluated in a thorough process every year. In this specific article, on July 19th 2018 published, the Bangkok Post talks about the long-term aims of DeeMoney in conditions of transaction volumes and geographic extension. In this article, released on March 16th 2019, the Bangkok Post announces that DeeMoney is seeking a partner for future extension. It mentions how DeeMoney aims to increase its operating network of 17 countries up to 40 countries.

You don’t have to effectively restore a system to truly have a successful test. Remember, testing is designed to raise the awareness of your teams and to identify inaccuracies and inefficiencies in your documentation. However, you should establish certain guidelines and test objectives for each test. 1. Establish a test strategy. This should include the type of test and the systems and processes you want to recover.

  • Dress nicely to stand out and be noticed
  • Reset the PRAM and NVRAM
  • Where to stay
  • Stakeholders and their differing objectives
  • 10 years back from india

There are three basic types of assessments – checklist, walk-through, and hot site. A checklist test is conducted by the individuals in your organization most acquainted with the procedure or system being tested. The goal of this test is to guarantee the precision of the records. A walk-through is normally performed by a number of recovery teams sitting down at a conference desk. Walking through the recovery documents as though they were actually recovering from an incident increases awareness and helps identify roadblocks to recovery. A hot site test can be a bodily building of infrastructure and business procedures. 2. Clearly define the goals of the test.

Often, the objective of a test may be to simply test how long it takes to recover one or more systems. Other times, you may need to show you can recover and run a specific job. For example, your objective may be to recuperate your payroll system and print checks. Whatever your objectives, everyone taking part in the test should understand what it is they’re trying to perform.