Ramblings OF THE Happy Homemaker

Ramblings OF THE Happy Homemaker 1

I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving. I believe it’s so wonderful that we set aside a day every year to essentially stop and focus on the blessings we have inside our lives. This year I’m thankful for a spouse who is my soul mates, a son who are my joy, an excellent family, and a Father who loves me in spite of myself.

I’m also thankful that He provided us with a globe full of plant life, herbs, vegetables, and fruits to nourish us on the outside as well as within. So, knowing that, I want to continue on our Natural Skin Care Series and talk about ways to moisturize the skin we have.

Remember this business from the Oil Cleansing Method? You were informed by me we’d see lots of the same elements for multiple uses. Let me give you a bit more of my back history. Back in the past I was looking for an effective way to moisturize my dried-out skin. The merchandise brands that seemed to do an OK job were out of my budget. Those that were within my budget just weren’t getting the job done.

There are several oils that you can use for moisturizing. I alternate between three, of the year and what my skin appears to be doing depending on the time. But, I only used olive oil for quite some time. The three that I tend to use are essential olive oil, grape seed essential oil, and coconut essential oil. They are all quite inexpensive (especially if you compare them to commercial moisturizers) and have many advantages to the skin.

  • Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum
  • Kathryn says
  • Follow up with a sunscreen when using during the day
  • Sheer, lightweight texture and coverage
  • Non-blanching rash of the skin
  • Do not use on times a scrub, peel, or other form of exfoliate has been used
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A couple more natural oils that are commonly used for this function are sunflower seed essential oil, jojoba essential oil and nice almond essential oil – though I’ve personally used these never. There could be other oils that I’m unaware of found in skin care. First, I’m going to tell how I take advantage of them.

Then, I’ll talk about why each one of the three oils I use are so wonderful. I keep a cruet in the bathroom with just a little essential olive oil in it at fine times. The grapeseed is held by me oil in an old pump hands cleaning soap dispenser on the sink. But, any pump dispenser would work great for either of these oils.

Coconut essential oil is solid at room temperatures, therefore i just dig a pea sized portion out of the container and warm it briefly in my hand to melt it before applying it to my face. Let’s discuss extra-virgin essential, olive oil. Shortly after I began using it in my skin care regular, I received a catalog in the mail from a high-end skin care company.

They were performing the praises of the product that “started it all” to them. THE GOOD OIL – If you thought you’d never put oil on that person, think again. Remember when you were a teenager and you’d your first skincare lesson? Oil, you were told is bad for you and enables you to break out. But that oil misconception has been debunked.

What’s so great about the essential oil, you ask? Oil gives skin softness, elasticity, and safety from harmful pollutants and irritants, and as we age, our anatomies produce less sebum, which leads to dehydrated skin. The question should be – enough are we getting? Do you know what this awesome product is. That’s right. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. They have nothing added to it absolutely.