Get The Most Out Of Your Work

Get The Most Out Of Your Work 1

According to Baednoch and Clark’s ‘Happiness At Work Index’ less than half of the UK’s Finance and Accounting workers are happy with their job. For the professional services labor power overall, the body is around a quarter. How might you begin to get more out of work? It is all easy to think that you have no choice too.

You have a selection in everything. Get clear on what it is you want. Know what you want and write it down. In every career there are aspects that you truly enjoy. Capture a list of these. They will be those occasions when you are highly motivated and at your best.

Start that list today and keep increasing it until you have captured everything. Aswell as areas you love, there will be areas you don’t enjoy or enjoy less. Accept that there is nothing wrong with this. Consider it, if most of us enjoyed the same things the world would be a pretty dull place.

Take the time to make a list of the items at the job that change you off. Review your current role. How can you include more of the things you enjoy into your role? It may be you have a colleague who is eager to do a few of the simple things you detest.

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Could you swap some tasks and make a win-win? So often the first time a manager realizes a worker is unhappy is when they get a notice of resignation. Good managers want to generate opportunities for their staff to grow and develop. If there are opportunities you want to access, get hold of your manager. If you don’t ask you won’t ever know what is possible. By the end of your day you want to get the most you possibly can from your projects and be happy. Take the initiative and become proactive.

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