How To Re-install Linux Mint Easily

Sometimes, initially of your Linux adventure, you’ll want to re-install Linux Mint. Because you’ve inadvertently spoiled the machine beyond easy repair (it happens to people!). A re-installation will typically only take about two hours: half an hour for the set up itself, plus one hour. 5 for installing extra software, tweaking, and configuring.

1. Backup your individual documents, music, pictures et cetera, on an exterior storage medium. Like a DVD, an exterior hard drive or a USB storage stick. You can save e-mails and some application settings as follows. First, make the hidden files visible. Launch your file manager (Nemo, Caja, or Thunar). Use the shortcut (key combination) Ctrl is to help make the hidden files visible. You will see the concealed files and folders (with a dot prior to the name, such as.Mozilla).

They contain program settings. Some of those you will want to keep. For instance: if you use Thunderbird as an e-mail program, the e-mails are in the hidden directory then.Thunderbird (as well as the account’s configurations of Thunderbird and the address publication). If you wish to save your valuable configurations and e-mails, copy this directory website to a USB memory space stick. Same goes for other specific program settings that you would like to keep. 2. Boot your personal computer from the Mint DVD (or from a live USB memory space stay).

Click on the Menu button. Click on Gparted Partition Editor. Then use this fine disk partitioner, to completely ruin the Mint partitions. All actions you need to do in Gparted need to be confirmed by a go through the Apply button in the panel (the tick), before these are being executed. Note: don’t format the Mint partitions, just destroy them.

Including the swap partition (if you have one)! The result will be “unallocated free space”. Have a separate home partition? Better demolish it as well (good riddance). Note: if you have another swap partition, then that needs to be unmounted before you begin. In Gparted, do the following: click with the mouse on the swap partition, then right-click with the mouse, and choose Swapoff. You can proceed Then.

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Destroy the swap as well! 3. Reboot your computer. Don’t take away the Mint DVD. 4. Allow DVD check itself for errors: in the beginning, hit the area bar, and choose “Check disc for defects” in the DVD shoe menu. 5. When no mistakes are found, shoe your computer from the DVD again, this right time in to the desktop.

6. Following the booting has completed, to establish an internet connection, and begin the installation by hitting the desktop icon of the installer. The installer uses the unallocated space automatically, without notification. Namely, when you select the “alongside” option for the preservation of your existing Windows. Which is exactly what you want. After you’ve decided to its proposal, the installer automatically takes care of the others! However, if you feel so inclined, you can also do a manual partitioning. 7. Now complete your bright new Mint installation with some polishing.

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