Gastric Bypass Kills

Gastric Bypass Kills 1

I have not got the gastric sleeve, but my sister has that is her horror tale. The month after her May surgery In, by Dr. Chua of Aurora Sinai in Milwaukee, my sister (Jane) emerged down with flu-like symptoms. Although she approached her major doctor, who was aware of the recent surgery, and I believe she had a working office visit with Dr. Chua, nobody showed any concern about infection. This is despite the fact that EVERYBODY knows that contamination mimics flu-like symptoms and it was nowhere near flu season.

AND that medical center wouldn’t even treat her because they don’t really do bariatric surgeries – she had to be airlifted to Milwaukee. Oh, she’s slim alright. That was the first hospitalization just. By January she was back in a healthcare facility with another massive infection that had burned through her diaphragm and into her lungs.

This time she spent her amount of time in pulmonary ICU. They were wrong. Again. Only this right time her principal physician, Dr. Rosol of Aurora Lake Geneva, had diagnosed her with pneumonia over the phone and experienced given her a prescription not even strong enough to deal with pneumonia. So, when she didn’t get better, by the time the Aurora ER got her she was again near death significantly. This time they had to do lung surgery AND abdominal surgery to clear out and treat the raging infection caused by fluid and matter leaking from the stomach into everywhere.

So apparently this kind of thing isn’t that unusual with this surgery, nor are the “fistulas” that develop because of this complication from this kind of surgery. If the tissue for this fistula isn’t so damaged it can heal alone it could take years. Whether it’s damaged – as hers was from all that infection – there is absolutely no sewing it shut and it doesn’t heal alone.

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Imagine being on a nourishing tube for the rest you will ever have – never tasting food, never enjoying a meal or a glass or two or a dessert or any occasion with your family again. Never, a chocolate bar, or a plate of Cereal, or a salad, or one glass of juice. NOTHING. All because someone convinced you that gastric sleeve surgery was the answer. So if this surgery is being considered by you, don’t. It’s just not worth the chance.

I know, if my sister could back to go, any day of the week she’d choose fats over this insufficient a life. I grew up thin and am now fat and I would NEVER EVER EVER have a surgery to lessen my weight. Although I haven’t had the opportunity to be disciplined enough to do it I know the only solution is to eat much less, move more. Two steps. The only solution.