So, Why Not Stick With EVERYTHING YOU Know, Right?

I really like my 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee which i still own back the States. So, why not stick with what you understand, right? 10,000 with 200 even,000 kms in it! There appeared to be a lot more Jeeps available up in Quito than within Cuenca. So, I did a lot of research online and narrowed down the set of vehicles I needed to examine more closely, printed the knowledge sheets along with photos, address, and contact info. 10 an hour. This was a lot more efficient since he knew his way around and I wouldn’t have to hail a taxi after every stop.

In mid-September, I flew to Quito with the intent of remaining for 3-4 days, examining a dozen to 20 vehicles, test drives, ultimately buying a Jeep and driving it back to Cuenca then. EC are GV’s. I put found one in Cuenca before the trip that I liked actually, but it needed a couple of things done to it.

I tried to make a deal with the salesperson to offset the expenses of what clearly would have to be repaired. Nothing doing. He wouldn’t budge an inches on price. He’d only replace 1 speark plug. So, I was outa there and ultimately wrote a letter to the dog owner about the sales persons’ arrogance and why they lost my business.

I narrowed it right down to the finalist, a 2003 Grand Vitara, V-6, Automatic. It had been over my budget and it, too, needed some fixes. In Ecuador, it is very common for people to roll the odometer back, even the digital ones. The current odometer reading was 102,000 kms. We directed this out to the sales supervisor and he responded ‘not my problem’. YES, it is. The purchase price was predicated on 102,000 kms when in reality the automobile had 140 probably,000 – 150,000 kms.

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He didn’t caution. And, there have been the needed repairs. I bought it. I hated satisfying that bastard. The very first night, the GV was broken into! The passenger windowpane was smashed out with a brick which also marred up some of my interior plastic material. They took my new camera which I completely forgot I had developed left in the glove compartment. In addition they took the faceplate from my stereo which was JUST replaced by the dealer earlier that day because the previous one didn’t work! I will park IN THE HOME! I said my home is within CUENCA! Apparently, the region I had been in was considered rather dangerous late during the night.

I didn’t recreation area in Cuenca or straight before the hotel. I used to be pissed off. When I should’ve been enjoying my drive home to Cuenca, I visited a cup repair place instead. 40 to displace the glass. Cuenca, I observed the windowpane was having trouble going all the true way up. Sometimes it would just stop.

Back in Cuenca, I went to a glass shop where they educated me the shop in Quito installed the wrong glass for my car. 40 for another window. 600. It was more difficult than I had originally recognized. Last night, after i came home, I didn’t park the GV in my garage. Today, I went to the car to look pick up friends visiting from Guatemala, to operate a vehicle out to the countryside and show them around. I gasped as I ajar saw the drivers door. Did I not fully close my door yesterday evening? Then, I saw it was unlocked. I opened the entranceway and everything seemed normal.

I appeared around for broken glass. None. Everything there was. Things that could’ve been easily stolen, weren’t. I QUICKLY observed the engine hood was popped. I opened it up and found out a large empty space where the air filter box would normally be. It had been removed. Bolts place in the engine area and on the ground.

It seems as though someone needed THAT specific part and nothing else. I again analyzed the interior. Within the glove area a cover had been taken and several large bundles of wires had been severed down. Despite the fact that other electrical functions still worked, the car wouldn’t start. I assume it’s tow-truck time in la manana.

GV’s computer that was severed and taken from within the dash! Weird thing is, because of all celebration sound last night, I moved to the visitor bedroom in the back of the house where it was quieter. Had I remained in my own rooom, my dog would’ve surely heard them and growled like she always does whenever someone is within the alley.