What Did The Mourinho Era Fix?

What Did The Mourinho Era Fix? 1

You aren’t evaluating City’s transfer dealing with ours do you? City didn’t sign Sanchez and continued and signed Mahrez. They authorized 3 full backs for 150m in a single transfer window, signed 2 keepers for big money since they had one idea with their manager, backed him fully and they’re reaping the rewards. They didn’t tell Pep you signed Bravo you stick with him now did they?

Mourinho threw his toys and acted just like a cnut after a corporate and business banker told him you do not really need a fresh CB. A fecking moron who’s the largest culprit for this downfall provided him a fresh contract then informed him I know better. How is he likely to control a dressing room when Woodward is meddling in in and support players instead of the manager? Are you telling me Mourinho doesn’t learn how to manage a dressing room?

Roonster from Redcafe knows much better than Jose fecking Mourinho? Yeah Mourinho will lose a dressing room, where that didn’t happen, the CLs was won by him. We knew that from that start yet hired him. You should use the types of Poch, Pep and Klopp all you have to, I’ve no intention to argue Mourinho’s case over theirs.

They control in a far greater run football clubs, and email address details are showing. Mourinho performing such as a cnut was always a problem pal. Never mind when he won a league or not. Him acting such as a cnut or not had not been the reason why we didn’t win the league, for the reason that we are shambles throughout. Under him getting to 2nd place was the best lead to this shit period of shambolic management. Don’t post meaningless stats trying to show how poor of employment he do.

I never said he did a fantastic job, he was the best of a shambolic number. Try and post where we were under Moyes, as today or LVG when City and Pool were not as good, when Leicester gained the league. In Dec You say he remaining us 19 factors behind 1st place, how did we end up the season then?

32 factors behind that’s where. No, it’s Woodward’s mistake the most, along with Mourinho and a lot of under executing overpaid shit footballers. Yeah Woodward brought Mourinho to earn the little league here, he failed as did Woodward. He is gone Now, we wills spend just as much or even more. Do you observe us winning the league, or coming like Liverpool do close? If you say yes, then that’s total delusion.

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But somehow Kostov from Redcafe thinks he knows much better than Mourinho, Van Gaal, Solskjaer, Ferguson, Southgate when he posts about Lingard. Yeah, Woodward meddling was the difference in shedding dressing room, fecking Woodward meddled at Chelsea even, Madrid too. Did Pep signal 75 -90 million striker? Did he signal 89 million center mid?

Did he signal 50 million and 40 million center mids? Jose signed 3 middle mids who cost around 180 million and we don’t have an effective midfield now. 35 million. Big deal. Difference is City CBs are playing well and for us, we have arranged pub so low that not making a comical mistake is considered adequate. What exactly are the excuses for first 2 months?