The Cool Is Had Because Of It Build Up

The Cool Is Had Because Of It Build Up 1

Of course the instrumental James Bond theme music is classic, however the beauty of 007 is that he gets a catchy new theme melody for every one of his own movies, and that’s awesome. So, keeping in my monthly custom of pulling out the best of what Bond provides, here are my own top 10 favorite James Bond Theme Songs.

Now I can’t speak in too much fine detail about a track, you really just have to listen to it yourself, but if that’s the case, here will be the ones that I’d highly to recommend you pay attention. It’s the famous theme song with the creepiest opening credit segment of them all.

It stars nice a pretty at first, but it gets wilder then, more bombastic and as stated above, has no shortage of crazy imagry that help established the tone for the film. Fans appear to either really hate or love this song, and if I’m placing it on my list, that probably means I love it. I like the opening credit scene especially, as the upbeat tempo of dance, pop, and electric music clash brilliantly with the troubling imagery of Connection being surviving and tortured in jail. I can understand why many hate this song, but I think it is a catchy tempo which I can’t escape my mind just.

The contemplative lyrics blended with moody music and an almost beautiful overtone get this to a memorable and atmospheric song from the James Bond canon. Many artists have given this song a chance, but no one sings it better Carly Simon then. It’s a subtle, quieter theme song, and like so many other 007 themes, an Oscar was got by it the nod. It’s bouncy, it’s flashy, it’s got an awesome techno beat, and it’s a seriously underrated gem from Bond’s collection of theme songs. It’s a mix of rock and new wave that help generate both tension and enjoyment for this theme, and the 3-minute music video starting offers some vibrant imagery.

Shirley Bassey’s Goldfinger theme, the real golden monitor that deserves all the attention is Tina Turner’s GoldenEye theme. Now here’s a much darker and eerier theme track from the James Bond Cannon and the first to actually win the Oscar for best original music. With an appropriately creepy starting that features all kinds of twisted imagery, this theme tune is all haunting atmosphere, and I just love it. This was the era in which every James Bond music-video style opening credit segment was chock-full of flashy visual effects and sensational music. Somehow it’s Sheryl Crow’s “Tomorrow Never Dies” theme tune that just strikes all the right notes.

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It has the cool build-up, the sweet shade, the powerhouse vocals, and a lot of cool imagery. While Sheena Easton’s face is a little too frequent in the opening credits, I honestly find this theme song to be the most beautiful and spell binding of all Bond themes. While it has been one of my favorite Relationship movies ever, this Oscar nominated tune is hands down the bright place of the film and the most fascinating of 007 designs. This is it, no other James Bond theme melody gets me more hyped to use it then Chris Cornell’s “YOU UNDERSTAND My Name”.

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