BTS Is Collaborating With K-Beauty Brand Mediheal On Skin-Care Products

While at a K-beauty store recently, I observed a sheet mask with Big Bang on the product packaging and started thinking why BTS didn’t have its own. Well, my (and their supporters’) prayers have finally been solved. Mediheal, a South Korean skin-care brand, announced a significant dollar with the chart-topping K-pop group… just. You need to be logged directly into post a comment. WALKING through the airport with my pal Charlotte, A man was observed by me looking at us. Consider yourself a sucker for the Jonas Brothers’ good looks? Well, you have one brand to thank for their properly styled hair.

The addition of lavender provides it added antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and healing benefits. Like I did so with the hemp seed oil cleanser Just, I mix 1 ounce of jojoba oil with 10-12 drops of lavender essential oil and carefully keep the mixture in just a little amber glass bottle with a dropper. I take advantage of about 4-6 drops both morning hours and night time after cleansing and toning.

I rub the oil in my hands, smooth it all over my face, then pat it carefully into my epidermis so the oil really absorbs into my skin pores. I’ll wait about 30 minutes after moisturizing to use my makeup to give the oil a chance to absorb into my skin. At night I’ll use a few extra drops for added wetness while I rest and a drop or two less throughout the day after I don’t want …

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Dangerous Skin Bleaching Has Become A Public Health Crisis. Corporate Marketing Lies Behind It

In the past several years, multinational companies have advertised the theory that lighter epidermis leads to more success heavily. As a result, dangerous skin bleaching has turned into a public health crisis, based on the World Health Organization (WHO). In response, the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) recently handed a resolution suggesting a regional ban on makeup products with hydroquinone, a skin-bleaching agent – a ban that looks more likely to move. Several countries, including Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, and Sudan, have also banned bleaching makeup products in recent months.

Despite these warnings and bans, the skin-whitening industry has experienced remarkable development in elements of Asia and Africa in recent years. A WHO report found that 77 percent of Nigerian women reported using skin-lightening products regularly nearly. In India, 61 percent of the skin-care market contains skin-lightening products. Experts task more development in a long time still.

However, in my research on the aesthetic industry’s global colors marketing, I found that banning bleaching realtors is counterproductive and might exacerbate the crisis, as I explain below. General market trends show continuing, exponential growth in the global market for skin-whitening products. the calendar year 2024 2 billion. Multinational brands Unilever, L’Oreal, and Beiersdorf are the three prominent players in this industry internationally. In Nigeria and India, both country-case studies in my chapter in the book “Race in the Marketplace,” Beiersdorf and Unilever have the biggest market shares respectively.

The dominance of multinational companies in the industry is creating a fresh dynamic …

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