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The majority of individuals with STDs have a lot of trouble finding partners they can spend quality time with, without worries to be judged. STDs have become a growing epidemic that affects almost 1 in 4 individuals constantly. This means it is important never to only create awareness about STDs, but also provide a comfortable and open place for people with STDs to meet others with similar conditions. Positive Singles ensures the highest degree of privacy for its users so they can have conversations and build relationships with others.

They can do this without fretting about their information being sold to authorized, or needed people monitoring their online activity. This site offers a neutral platform for individuals around the world to come meet others with STDs and create significant relationships. The web site continues to invest a large amount of its resources to keep user privacy since it realizes how important confidentiality is because of its users.

Quick Exit Button: This button quickly redirects an individual to some other website to ensure that their privacy is maintained. Privacy Settings: With multi-layer security and encryption techniques, a user’s profile can only just be looked at by those who she or he wants to show it to. Non-Indexed: All SE’s are blocked from viewing a user’s profile.

In addition, those who are on the website but have never logged in and registered in cannot see any profile either. Information Privacy: Any information stored on the PositiveSingle’s server is confidential, so users do …

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Who today hasn’t heard of Facebook? Facebook has become the number 1 sociable network in the world and they have 665 million active users normally each day as was documented on March 31st 2015 and disclosed by Facebook. Month Every, around 751 million people use Facebook from cellular devices alone.

And that’s just Facebook! There’re Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and a great many other social network to consider too. But what’s all this surely got to do with WordPress, you might be wondering? An Incentive FOR YOU YOURSELF TO Start Your Own Social Network? Looking at the above figures, it will be should cause you to feel motivated to begin your own social network. Whether that’s to dream big and get to how big is Facebook and others, or simply to give a network for your companionship, business, or volunteer group.

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The good news is that you don’t need to study to become coding expert and neither do you need to have any specialized skills if you would like to start your own interpersonal network. You can begin a really cool one by yourself, by using the fantastic CMS that is WordPress just.

WordPress is so easy to use, everyone from your …

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PNWC’s Government Contracting Update

A company in Savannah Georgia, Arena Event Services, Inc. has decided to settle with the federal government to solve allegations that it wrongfully obtained small business set-aside agreements with the Department of Defense. 7.8 million back again to the Government. According to the settlement agreement, Arena used another ongoing company, Military Training Solutions (MTS) to acquire small business defense contracts that were supposed to be performed by MTS, however in reality were performed by Arena. As a result of this scheme, a huge amount of money in contracts at Fort Stewart, GA, and other armed service installations, were performed by Arena instead of by legitimate small businesses. Arena paid MTS to bid and acquire small business contracts that could eventually be performed by Arena.

MTS, by the way, previously entered into its negotiation contract with the federal government to solve its liability under the system. There was no indication in the Justice Department press release that the task was not accomplished or that the task had not been performed properly. So from that standpoint, taxpayers didn’t lose out financially. The real problem was that these contracts should have been performed by small businesses in order to help expand the Government’s role in motivating small businesses to participate in Government contracting opportunities.

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