Indonesia Teak Furniture

Indonesia Teak Furniture

Among the many quality products that Indonesia manufactures is teak furniture.
Indonesia teak furniture comes in beautiful, durable wood, which is built to last long for that elegant and top-of-the-line garden or patio furnishing. Teak furniture have been considered the most excellent for outdoor fittings as the wood holds well with open-air environment. Check out some of this Indonesia teak furniture from different manufacturers:

Teak Garden Sets
This Indonesia teak furniture includes a six-piece set Bali Dorset with cushion and one-piece Bologna round table with umbrella. The furniture is manufactured by Java Mebel Indonesia, an Indonesian company that manufactures and exports Indonesia teak garden furniture. Other collections of teak furniture are also produced by the company such as folding chair, garden chair, banana chair, garden bench, picnic table, and more.
Price: US$565.58

Teak Wooden Furniture
The many designs and fittings of this Indonesian teak furniture is manufactured by Tassa Jaya Meubel, made with the best quality and excellent workmanship for one’s furniture satisfaction. The company also manufactures other teak furniture sets such their Tassa Chaise Lounge, sofa, Havoline Dining Sets, and Havana Dining Room Set.

Indoor, Garden, Antique Furniture
Manufactured by Mark Corporation, the teak furniture of this company is especially made for indoor and garden settings, as well as some antique furnishings. Their collection includes Wicker Garden Furniture, Padded Sling Garden, Teak Garden Furniture, and more.

Teak Patio Sets
This Indonesia teak furniture set is manufactured by Antex Furniture and includes a combination of finely made …

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